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April 2000

Mike Meador--We need a clarification on this.

The engineering notice in the April 2000 Bear-Tracks talks about moving the outboard elevator hinge 4.0 inches outboard. That part is clear.

However, cross referencing the drawing with my plans (#164), I notice that on my plans there was a T5 tube running from the outboard elevator hinge directly forward to the leading edge. However, this tube does not exist in the drawing in the newsletter, and no mention is made of its deletion.

Mike--would you please confirm that this tube has been deleted?

Russ Erb

#164, Edwards CA


I was curious about this myself and wondering why no one had asked. My stabilizers are built so it is only of academic interest to me.

Rod Smith #246

Wasilla, AK


Yes - That tube has been deleted. The hinge point is close enough now to the end of the stab rib that the tube is not needed.

One other question that we got this week was if you could just move the hinge point out and leave the wires where they were. We have seen a few airplanes like this and you can do it if you want - the only problems are now you have two "unsupported" working surfaces and you will have more drag by not incorporating the single nut and bolt to hold the hinge and the flying wires. It might not look good either - Like we said - it is not a mandatory change - build it one way or the other, but don't try to do both.

Later - Mike