Below are listed the engineering notices/changes and suggestions for the Bearhawk LSA. They are generated by Bob Barrows (R & B Aircraft).

If you have any questions or comments regarding these notices, please contact:

Bob Barrows
2079 Breckinridge Road
Fincastle, VA 24090

(540) 473-3661

Important Engineering Terminology Differences (from April 2003 Beartracks)

"In order to standardize the use of the words below, it is necessary to define what each term means when it is published in the newsletter. Here is how we use the terms:

ENGINEERING CHANGE NOTICE: Design change that requires immediate attention to affected serial numbers. This NOTICE contains the technical information to correct the unsafe condition.
ENGINEERING CHANGE: A change to current serial number drawings onward - non-mandatory - may or may not be published. This change is the result of a product improvement, update or modification. Or a minor change of the design to ease manufacturing, maximize utility, economize materials or ease assembly.
ENGINEERING REPORT: Field or lab test data that is disseminated to the builder in the form of a report. An Engineering Report may generate an Engineering Change Notice or an Engineering Change or neither. The report may or may not validate the design. A summary of the results will always be attached with our thoughts and recommendations."

Please note that once a notice or update is released, all plans numbers from that time forward have already been changed to reflect the updates/notices. Therefore, if your plans are dated after the dates listed below, there is no need to do anything. Your plans should already reflect the changes.

Below are links to the Engineering Notices/Changes:

August 2012 Engineering Change - Ref Drawing #23 sleeve added to landing gear axel to accommodate the Matco Wheels.

December 2012 Engineering Change Notice- Ref Drawing #22 - Added tube if Skyliight is not installed

December 2012 Engineering Change Notice - Ref Drawing #17 - Change to Front Stabilizer Mount Tube thickness

January 2013 Engineering Change - Door Flanges to be made from Aluminum instead of steel.

January 2013 Engineering Change Notice - Change to a Dimension on Drawing #5 - Hole location corrected.

February 2013 Engineering Notice - A change to VNE at certain altitudes.

September 2013 Engineering Notice - Installation of Rudder Stops.

December 2013 Engineering Notice - Call bolts and nuts at the bottom of the control sticks

December 2014 Engineering Notice - Spark plug clearance on Continental engines.

February 2017 Engineering Notice, Plans 182 and Below - Skip welds on brake caliper torque plate mounting disk

March 2019 Engineering Change Notice - Elevator Trim Cable Tension

August 2020 Operation Notice - Fuel System Design for Fuel Pumps

June 2021 Engineering Change - Fabric Termination at Windshield

March 2023 Safety Update - Landing Gear Spread Limits

July 2023 Safety Update - Brake Master Cylinders in Dual Applications